The SAAB Shop

We are an Official Saab Parts and Service Center

Providing the Highest Level of care in Columbus, Ohio since 1992

Over 60 Years experience in the shop


9-6 mon-thu , 9-5 fri

2330 Wood Avenue , Columbus , OH 43221

(614) 261-SAAB

Quality repairs , Genuine SAAB Parts

To help you maintain your SAAB for years to come, we offer Genuine SAAB OSC (Official SAAB Service Center) parts with a 24/24 warranty. We are committed to keeping you SAAB on the road for many years to come. Also, we are stocking a variety of vintage parts as well as late model and everything in between. We can ship parts Internationally. Just give us a call (614) 261-SAAB!!"

This shop is the best! I was on an 8 hour trip with my 2001 9-3, hundreds of miles from home, and my engine malfunction light came on. My good fortune is that I was just east of Columbus when this happened, and was lucky enough to contact Ted at The Saab Shop. He was unbelievable - stayed on the phone with me as he patiently directed me through the city of Columbus (like the back of his hand!), around detours and road closures to get me to the shop. He and Nik stayed after hours and gave of their personal time to meet me and make sure there wasn t something seriously wrong with my car. Nik quickly but thoroughly checked my engine, diagnosed and reset everything, determining that I could continue my trip, but that I should have it checked out once I got home. A huge relief for me! He really knew his stuff and I felt totally comfortable with his diagnosis. He listened patiently to my questions and took the time necessary to explain what I needed to know, in addition to logging his observations and actions for my mechanic to review once I was home. For those of you who are lucky enough to 1.own a Saab, and 2. live in the Columbus area, this is your shop. I can t recommend them more highly or thank them enough.
Johanna Davey
Hershey, PA

most up-todate independent shop in columbus: wonderful service , very good personal service ,

I refuse to take my Saab anywhere else but here! They have the best rates in Columbus and every time I need work done to my car, they go above and beyond what I am actually charged for. They take the time to explain the inner workings of my car as well as offer alternative (cheaper) methods to fix it. These guys are great!!!

Kevin Burns
I've been doing business with the owner for 25 years. No matter where I am or what the problem may be, Dave has always been available and willing to keep my old Saabs on the road. The work is of the highest quality, prompt, and affordable. If you're traveling through Central Ohio and find need for Saab service, The Saab Shop is the first place to call.

This shop has to the best I've ever worked with and , and their quality of repair is the best I've found , I'm glad they are in my town